Exercise Studio

Our unique approach is bridging the gap from injury to recovery!


Our studio and associated classes is Kansas City’s only premier exercise program that combines the

expertise of a highly trained exercise director and a licensed physical therapist. We offer a customized

private rehabilitation track as well as small group and private classes. Our unique approach helps our

clients learn the most effective exercise techniques to avoid injury and speed recovery.

Clients sign up with us for one of two main reasons.


First, some patients complete their physician prescribed set of therapy sessions and still aren’t ready

to return to normal activity. Our programs help them bridge the gap between when their physical

therapy prescription expires(ends) and a return to self-guided pain-free activity begins.

Secondly, others join our studio because as they age, they begin to experience limited mobility or pain

doing the activities they’ve always enjoyed and they see the added value in participating in a program

overseen by a physical therapist.


Our Director, Kristina Stewart, partnered with Sushma Patel to open the exercise studio at Body

in Motion in the Spring of 2015. She’s a trained STOTT PILATES instructor with more than a decade of



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