Meniscus Tear Rehab in Overland Park

Are you looking for Meniscus tear rehab in Overland Park?

Early treatment and education are critical in recovery from your injury. Each knee joint has two crescent-shaped cartilage menisci. These lie on the inside of joint resting on the tibia, one on the inner edge  ( medial) and one on the outer edge ( lateral).  They act as shock absorbers for the knee as well as providing support and stability for the joint. Injuries to either meniscus can prevent normal use of the knee.

The lateral meniscus is less prone to injury as it has no attachment to a ligament. On the other-hand the medial meniscus has an attachment to the medial collateral ligament and is more susceptible to injury.  Your  age, extent / location of tear and overall level of fitness will play a roll in the recovery process. Full Compliance  with meniscus tear rehabilitation is the key to your recovery

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