Wellness Programs

We offer a variety of classes to fit all of your wellness needs, as well as private sessions if you prefer a more intimate, one-on-one setting!  You can purchase packages for a reduced rate or pay-as-you go if it is better suited to your schedule.

Group Class Pricing:

Drop-in Class Rate:  $20.00

8 Class Pass:  $15/class ($120 total)

12 Class Pass:  $13/class ($156 total)

20 Class Pass:  $12/class ($240 total)

**UNLIMITED Class Pass: $150 per Month (6-month commitment required. 5% discount if paid up front)

(All passes are valid during the month of purchase only and will expire on the last day of each month. No refunds, extensions, or exchanges. HOWEVER, if you purchase your package mid-month you will be pro-rated accordingly.)

Private Session Pricing:

1 Session:  $90

4 Session Pass:  $87.50/Session ($350 total)

8 Session Pass:  $85.00/Session ($680 total)

16 Session Pass: $80/Session ($1280 total)


Group Classes


Group Mat Pilates (Mon 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM, Tues 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM, Fri 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM)

Pilates Mat Classes are the floor work version of the Pilates method.  These classes take place in a group setting using your body weight as the primary source of resistance. The focus is placed on precise movements originating from the center or core of your body.  Working from the deepest layers of muscles, which stabilize and support your spine and pelvis, resulting in a strong, flexible spine with ideal


Seniors Balance /Strength Training Class (Wed 09:30 AM – 10:30 AM)

Group class specifically designed by our in-house Physical Therapist, Chelsea Morey. Keep yourself moving with exercises to strengthen and enhance flexibility,  balance, and stability.  Suitable for all ages and levels.


Restorative Yoga (Tues 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM)

Restorative yoga is a gentle class with the aid of prop-blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps.  The temperature in the room is cooler, so dress warm and comfortable.  This practice is great for anyone looking to slow down, relieve stress, calm excessive mind chatter, or even those recovering from injuries.  Restorative yoga benefits those with insomnia by promoting deep sleep.  Fully supported by props, we allow our minds to let go of tension, which releases negative thought patterns and stiffness in the body.  Come nourish yourself with this deep, restorative practice.  No yoga experience needed!

Slow Flow Yoga (Thurs 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM

Slow Flow classes connect accessible yoga postures with breath and fluid movement in a well-rounded practice.  With a slower pace, there’s time to explore individual postures so that new students can build confidence and familiarity, while more experienced students can refine fundamentals of alignment and explore deeper sensations.  Enjoy options within each guided posture so you can customize your class experience.  Emphasis on posture, alignment, and stability of joints.  No yoga experience necessary.


Reformer Pilates (Private/Duet Sessions only)

The Pilates Reformer is a machine which uses a sliding carriage, straps, springs, and bars to create a  challenging and intense workout. Springs, leverage, and body weight are used as resistance while performing movements targeting specific muscle groups. The reformer helps to promote length, strength, flexibility, and balance. The versatility of the reformer challenges the body by combining several muscle groups with each exercise creating dynamic stability.



Our signature Rehabilitation Tracks offer private sessions under the guidance of a physical therapist.

Our Rehabilitation Track allows clients to receive an individualized rehabilitation program featuring a unique combination of Yoga, Pilates and Physical Therapy. Each private program is designed by a licensed Physical Therapist, who together with certified Yoga and Pilates instructors, will ensure that you learn the most effective exercise techniques to avoid injury and speed recovery. Through education, body awareness and proper movement we hope to create a more mindful way of exercising specific to your individual condition.

Introductory / Assessment Track (6 private sessions) $599.00

This initial program teaches the foundation of posture as it relates to exercise and the mindfulness necessary for any successful recovery program. Designed by a licensed Physical Therapist, who together with certified Yoga and Pilates instructors, will help restore your function. You will leave gaining invaluable knowledge and tools to move through everyday life.

Typically comprised of 2 private sessions with each discipline. However, this program can be customized to fit the client’s specific needs. All sessions must be completed within a 2-month period.


Progressive Tracks (12 private sessions) $1,100.00

During this track, we will focus on implementing the basic movement patterns and knowledge gained from the Introductory Track. Progressing at the client’s own pace, the program will move from basic to a more advanced level of movement and mindfulness. The focus will be on posture, muscle sequencing, and balance between strength and flexibility.

Typically comprised of 4 Private sessions with each discipline. However, this program can be customized to fit the client’s specific needs. Must be completed within a 3-month period.


Maintenance Track: (3 Private sessions) $299.00

An excellent way to stay focused and implement what you have learned during the Introductory Track. Moving at a slower pace, we will guide you through an exercise routine that can be performed independently. We recommend that you return quarterly to modify your program as indicated. Our goal is to ensure you continue to exercise implementing proper technique and mindfulness. 1 private session with each discipline completed over 3-months.

To register for services call us at 913-432-3950.



(pricing varies on speaker/topic)

Check In with us monthly as we announce, body and injury specific, weekend workshops offered by our highly trained instructors! This provides another great venue for those wanting to deepen their knowledge of various conditions.

To register for services call us at 913-432-3950